What you need:

Butter 50 grams
Onions 4 heads
Wheat flour 1 tablespoon
Dry white wine 200 milliliters
Chicken broth 1.5 liters
Sugar 1 teaspoon
French baguette 1 piece
Gruyere cheese 150 grams
Salt and ground black pepper to taste


Melt butter. Add to the boiling oil sliced thin half-rings onion and simmer it for five minutes, stirring until the onion becomes soft. After salt and pepper.
make the fire smaller and continue to fry the onion, stirring to prevent it from burning.
The goal is to achieve a caramel shade of onions and not overcooked, but soft, almost weightless consistency.
A little fry in a dry pan flour. As soon as the flour begins to change color and smell of roasted nuts, immediately pour it into a pan with onions and carefully interfere with the onion.
Next, pour the wine into the pan first, mixed with sugar, give the onion a minute to boil with the wine, and then dilute with broth or water. Bring to a boil and cook on very low heat for fifteen to twenty minutes. Stir and add the remaining water.
Bring to a boil, remove the scale and cook on low heat for fifteen minutes.
Lay out the pieces of baguette on a baking sheet and sprinkle them with grated cheese.
Put in the oven for three to four minutes to melt the cheese and lightly browned.
Serve in deep plates with floating and gradually swelling croutons.

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