What you need:

120 grams of butter
300 grams of flour
325 grams of sugar
1 sachet of baking powder
6 ounces vanilla essence
500 milliliters milk
5 egg yolks
40 grams of corn starch
3 grams of salt
2 eggs


Mix flour with salt, 200 grams of sugar and baking powder. Add the butter to the flour mixture and mix. Break 3 eggs, add 3 milliliters of vanilla essence and knead the dough. The dough should get smooth and elastic. Cover the dough with cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
At this time, prepare the cream:
pour the starch to 100 milliliters of milk, stir so that the starch is fully dissolved. Add 125 grams of sugar, 3 milliliters of vanilla essence, 4 egg yolks and mix. Pour the remaining 400 milliliters of milk and mix until smooth.
Put the cream on a small fire and cook continuously stirring until thick. The cream should boil. Ready cream remove from heat and cool.
Divide the dough into two portions of different sizes. Grease the baking dish (diameter 26 cm)with butter. Most of the dough is distributed by hand to the bottom of the mold, lifting the dough and the walls of the mold. On the dough, shift the cream, distribute evenly and level with a spoon. The edges of the dough is lowered to the middle of the cake (so that the cream does not flow).
Roll out the remaining dough on parchment paper. Rolling out the dough, guided by the size of the form (diameter 26 cm). Spread a thin sheet of dough on a layer of cream and a little press down with your hands to the dough glued at the edges with the bottom layer. Grease the top with whipped egg yolk. With a fork draw 4 vertical strips on the surface of the cake, unfold the shape and draw 4 strips again to make diamonds. Bake the dessert at a temperature of 170 degrees, about 40 minutes, to a beautiful rosy color.
Preparation time: 25 minutes baking Time: 40 minutes

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